A reader was looking for a simple daily schedule template. Therefore I created this day planner with Excel. It is really very simple and can be downloaded for free as usual. I have also prepared the planner as a PDF for “non-exclerters”. Just download it, print it and fill it out – done.

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How does the daily planer works?

Daily planner for excel and pdf
daily planner printed

First, download the Excel template at the end of the article. Either as XLSX file or PDF, as you like. I recommend the Excel version for those who want to use the plan digitally. This way you can easily enter all points directly and save them.
For those who prefer analog, you can use both versions.
At the top left you enter the date of the day and at the top right you circle the day of the week (M, T, W, T, F, S, S). The most important thing of the day you enter prominently in the middle.
In the left column you can use the analog clock to mark important dates for the 12-hour period. For safety, write the details about it in the part below (time and event).
The 5 most important things of the day you note on the right. If you want, you can break them down into sub-steps and write them under TO DO List.
Oh yeah, don’t forget to drink. That’s what the water bottle icons are for.
The rest of the boxes are certainly clear: write down your fitness goals, a meal plan, general notes, and praise yourself for the things you got done!
At the end, you can write down what you didn’t get to after all.

Digital help with an app for planning todos

By the way, if you are already planning your day so well anyway, you should have a look at the app or the software todoist. I’ve been working with it for 2 months now and can’t imagine life without it 🙂 .

About planning and goals

Also the book “the one thing” helps everyone to focus on the most important thing. Ranked number one on my book recommendation list. On my private blog I also created a to-do list for this – it’s a little different because it’s based on the principle of the book:


Download the daily planner

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