There are incredibly many themes for WordPress. If you take a look at, you will currently find 4,416 themes! In addition, there are also paid themes that are not even listed there.

Of course, the choice is difficult. Fortunately, the WordPress site also offers a filter function, so you can already reduce the offer significantly. Nevertheless, it can overwhelm the beginner (but also the professional) and it begins the search for the supposedly suitable theme. It is installed, tried and removed again. I know (knew) this process all too well.

But at some point comes the decision, why get angry again and again and lose so much time with themes, which then in crucial places, but do not work or provide what you need?

What to look for in a WordPress theme?

The requirements of any website are actually always the same:

  • The manufacturer of the theme should still be on the market and preferably already have a history.
  • The theme should of course be optimized for smartphone and tablet.
  • It should have numerous customization options (logo, navigation positions, footer, sidebar, fonts and colors).
  • It should also be slim programmed and load quickly. What good are a lot of features if the website takes a long time to load and discourages the visitor.
  • It should also cope with the most common extensions: Multilingual (through WPML or Polylang), WooCommerce or event and forum plugins.
  • Some websites have to meet accessibility requirements; many themes fail at this.

Unfortunately, in my 8-year WordPress career, I have always met themes that could do everything, only to fail because of an event or language plugin.

This is very annoying when you imagine that you had already put some time into setting up the theme, only to find out that it is not usable after all.

Can Divi do it all?

Yes, almost. Accessibility is not quite there, but for all other uses I can recommend it without reservation.

DIVI works as a theme and at the same time as a page builder. Through the theme you can define the general look and feel and through the page builder you can design the page content. The latter is optional, of course you can also use the Gutenberg editor of WordPress.

Those who struggle with the design can fall back on a large pool of templates. Depending on the area of use, Divi or Elegantthemes (the name of the manufacturer) offers ready-designed websites. You can use them completely including images! Just customize the logo and the content, done.

Especially pleasing is the great service. I’ve been using DIVI for over 5 years now and every question to support has been answered promptly and professionally.

In addition, DIVI is always being developed further. For example, in the last update, the loading time was significantly optimized.

How does the DIVI Pagebuilder or visual builder work?

The content of the website is built with so-called sections, rows (with columns) and modules. Sections are areas in which the rows are integrated. In the rows, in turn, are the modules. So you can build different sections for each purpose and equip them with different numbers of rows.

In this video the basics of Divi are explained very well:


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The module selection is particularly varied:

  • Accordion
  • Audio
  • Bar Counter
  • Blog
  • Blurb
  • Button
  • Call to Action
  • Circle Counter
  • Code
  • Comments
  • Contact Form
  • Countdown Timer
  • Divider
  • Email Opt-in
  • Filterable Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Hero
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Login Form
  • Map
  • Menu
  • Number Counter
  • Person
  • Portfolio
  • Portfolio Carousel
  • Post Navigation
  • Post Slider
  • Post Title
  • Pricing Tables
  • Search
  • Sidebar
  • Slider
  • Social Follow
  • Tabs
  • Testimonial
  • Text
  • Toggle
  • Video
  • Video Slider
  • and modules for using WooCommerce

As you can see, there is no wish left unfulfilled. You save the use of many other plugins and can simplify the maintenance of WordPress significantly.

What does DIVI cost?

There are currently two payment options: $89 per year or one-time $249. I opted for the lifetime option a long time ago. At the time, this made it possible to transfer the license to other websites. This is now standard. So no matter which variant you choose, you can use all themes and extensions from Elegantthemes on as many other domains as you want. This is not the case with many other theme creators, there you will always be charged again 😉

Conclusion about DIVI

The manufacturer Elegantthemes has been on the market for a long time and develops just the DIVI package tirelessly. It does not lose sight of both beginners and professionals and offers a solution option for every user case. In addition, there is a Divi Marketplace, where you can download or buy extensions that enable things that DIVI can not (yet).

If you want to buy Divi, you can do so via this link – I earn a small commission on it, but your price remains the same 😉