The domestic dog has been our pet for over 15,000 years. Yet he belongs to the group of wolves and is therefore actually a predator! But do not worry – our domestic dogs are domesticated and used to dealing with people. Except for a few exceptions, as you sometimes see in the news that dogs have attacked children or people.

  • There are about 500 million domestic dogs!
  • It has 42 teeth.
  • The ear is very highly developed in dogs and can hear much better than humans – it can also detect sounds that we can’t hear at all.
  • Dogs can recognize colors, but are red-green blind.
  • Dogs also belong to the nasal animals and can smell very well. In the brain, the olfactory process accounts for 10 percent – which is a lot (only 1 percent in humans). They can even distinguish between left and right when smelling and are therefore particularly good at reading or smelling tracks.
  • Small dogs live longer than large ones. Dachshunds, for example, 15 years and larger breeds only 9 years.
  • Dogs are also used as guide dogs, hunting dogs, shepherd dogs, sled dogs and guard dogs.

How to use the dog to color

It’s pretty easy. Just download the PDF at the end of the article and print it with your printer at home or office. Now you can fill it out with coloring pens. That’s all!

Screenshot of the dog template number 1

dog for coloring

Screenshot of the dog template number 2

Download the dog images for coloring here

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